Why I Buy my Favorite Football Apparel from Finish Line

Being a professional tailor, my father often had the local football teams approach him with a massive order for team jerseys. My father loved football, and he really was a big fan of the local tournaments. No wonder he would often spend hours on end on the jerseys and tailor them to perfection. He was a local businessman, and he believed in fair trade because it advocated a better standard of reward, improved deals and newer opportunities of growth between producers and consumers. He was a hardworking man, and he believed that conventional trade was often misleading, and it contributed to inequitable distribution of wealth.

I had always remembered the principles that my father taught me, and that is what I have followed in my later years while extending my business for coaching football teams. I mentor my local team so that I could do my share to make my community proud, and I believe that winning the game is just a small part of that process. My father had shut down his business when he had retired, which meant that I no longer had the option of asking him to tailor the jerseys for my team. I did some online search and found that Finish Line stores offer great team jerseys and football apparel at a very good price. They also provide customers with some great Finish Line promo codes and Finish Line coupons online which make each of these items really inexpensive and worth the buy!

At first, I was not entirely sure that I should support Finish Line in its commercial venture to improve the lives of a few at the expense of many. While I was highly appreciative of their amazing work for over the years, I was not convinced that I should use their services. But I caught up on the history of the Finish Line corporation and I was pleasantly surprised! The Indianapolis-based company has about 685 stores all over the US, and it earns millions of dollars every year as profits. But while the company could have just hoarded the money for the benefit of a few, instead it used this huge financial resource to bring about a positive change in the lives of many people.

I read about the Youth Foundation of Finish Line which involves itself in various children charities and events. Not only did Finish Line come forward to provide over 30,000 meals to the hungry people of Indiana and survivors of the earthquake in Haiti, but it also created many sports centers and parks for children who needed special attention. It donated about $25,000 to build a playground for children in Bradenton, FL, and about $106,443 in grants to all institutions which focus on youth development and endorse a healthy lifestyle for all. All of this charity work is not merely for show. Finish Line not only provides financial help to different communities to better the lives of all, but also offers its time to make an actual difference. Over 800 employees and managers from this company had once gathered to pack meals for people who were homeless.

More importantly, Finish Line advocates the importance and significance of fair trade. It is one big commercial enterprise where different producers of sports goods present their brands and items. Whether you are looking for Nike products, or any items from specific local brands, you will find them all being displayed. Finish Line offers the best deals to producers and suppliers to ensure their growth and to encourage their interest to keep offering only the best products for consumers. This creates a very healthy atmosphere which is conducive to growth and satisfaction.

Even Scott James founded his new company called the Fair Trade Sports that markets eco-friendly sports ball which are also certified fair trade. These sports balls are for different activities, be it volleyball, football, rugby, basketball and soccer. Overall, his interest has been to provide a better plan to make sport activities accessible to a lot of kids, while making this world a better place at the same time. His company aims to donate any after tax profits to charity events which would benefit children mainly. Scott James even decided to donate about $1000 to Room to Read and Boys & Girls Club of America each year.

Scott James and his partner Christina Cottingham decided from the beginning to go green, and have done their part in making sure that the company provides eco-certified products which do not harm the environment. The soccer balls (and all sports balls) are made of rubber which come from the FSC-certified forests of rubber trees located in India and Sri Lanka. This rubber is then used in the factories of Pakistan to manufacture the balls. A third party certification proves that his company follows the laws of fair trade without fail; all the employees are extremely happy and they work in good conditions. They enjoy a lot of employment benefits and each of them have access to good pay. The fair trade certification was given to his company by the Fair Trade Federation. Scott James's Fair Trade Sports also does not employ children for labor. Rather, the owner of the company is more inclined to share his profits with kids who do not have a home and provide them with a good chance of finding families and a better future. This is why I always bought my sports balls for my team from Scott James's Fair Trade Sports.

When it comes using eco-friendly products, Finish Line Stores are not far behind. For example, the Finish Line Eco Reusable Bags have been one of the most popular carry bags in the store. Customers can use them multiple times and then put them away for recycling and reuse. These bags do not use extra materials, rather the same elements can be always reused to manufacture the bags. This is actually quite a good plan to keep the environment safe since no extra natural resources are being utilized to make them.

As a responsible adult, I want to do my part in keeping the environment safe and also to ensure that I work to provide better opportunities to suppliers who manufacture products with their skill and hard work. Finish Line and Fair Trade Sports have made it possible for me to maintain my ethical standards while I coach my team to the victory line.